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2024 3rd International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering provides a platform for scientists, researchers, professionals, and students to discuss their research and practices in the field of materials science and engineering. We encourage original research, review and case studies related to materials science, covering topics such as:

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Nanofabrication, nanometrology and applications 

Nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing

Materials, Properties and Characterization

Ceramics and glasses

Chemistry and fundamental properties of matter

Materials Characterization

Materials forming, Casting and solidification 

Materials in structural design and modelling

Strength, durability, and mechanical behavior of materials

Surface, subsurface, and interface phenomena

Functional Materials

Advanced Materials

Functional Materials

Electronic materials

Magnetic materials

Photonic materials

Semiconductor materials

Smart Materials

Energy Materials

Energy materials – synthesis and applications

Green and renewable materials

Polymer Materials, Polymer Electrolytes

Materials Engineering

Atomic fabrication and metal quantum materials

Computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering 

Computational materials

Environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes


Manufacturing process planning and scheduling 

Material synthesis, fabrication, manufacture, and processing

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Control

Meso, micro manufacturing equipment and  processes 

Laser based manufacturing 

Metal alloys 

Precision molding processes 

Composite Materials

Coatings, corrosion and surface engineering 

Composite, nanocomposite, polymer composite materials



Biomedical manufacturing